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SuperCom offers a variety of solutions for the healthcare market designed to improve safety and efficiency in healthcare facilities. 


SuperCom's healthcare solutions are accessed, managed, and controlled from SuperCom's secure, cloud based software, creating an easy-to-use and cost effective platform that allows healthcare facilities to pick and choose the solutions they need, when they need them.

SuperCom's Healthcare Solution Set 







Companion Wander Detection




Solution Benefits: 

  • Monitor and manage valuable assets such as: Pumps, Beds, Carts, Workstations On Wheels (WOWs), Cameras, and Monitors.

  • Instantly search and find a specific asset or the nearest asset and minimize staff search times for lost or misplaced assets.

  • Maximize asset utilization reducing the costs of excess units. 

  • Receive alerts before equipment leaves a predefined area to prevent theft.

  • Trigger audio/visual alarms instantly if an asset approaches a restricted area or leaves the premises.

  • Automate location based inventory management which eliminates manual stock-taking.


Asset Tracking

How it works: 

Small form factor tags are mounted on valuable or mission critical assets. Multiple tags and mounting options are available in order to suit many types of equipment. Each tag is assigned to a specific asset with a quick and intuitive process in the cloud based management software. Each unique asset is classified to an asset category. After assigning a tag to an asset, the asset can then be tracked and instantly located by the software. Custom, events, reports, and alerts can be created and the system can be configured to send automatic emails or SMS messages.




SuperCom offers secured mobile messaging apps for communication and data transfer between staff members at healthcare facilities. With SuperCom´s highly secure communication app healthcare facilities can enable a BOYD policy for staff members at the hospital cutting cost of dedicated communication devices. The app allows staff members to communicate and share medical data in an efficient, low cost, and most importantly, secure way. In addition, SuperCom also offers complete cyber security solution design and consulting services to make sure that patient data is safe and secure.

Digital and Cyber Security Product Offering 

  • Complete Cyber Security solution design and consulting services.

  • Secure mobile messaging apps to enable a BYOD policy and ease internal communication and data flow without the need of purchasing additional communication devices.

  • HIPAA compliant, efficient, and secure data transfer.



SuperCom´s Emergency Response system is a great solution for home care, assisted living, and other long term care facilities. Using the system, residents can be monitored to ensure their safety, providing peace of mind for those who are living alone and for their loved ones. The waterproof wrist tag worn by the resident can be used to trigger an emergency call. The same can be done from the Base Unit which can also function as a two-way communication system with any phone number. The Tag can automatically identify a fall and trigger an emergency call from the Base Unit. The system allows continuous monitoring of the patient or resident even outside the range of the home unit using a dedicated mobile app.


How it works: 


A wrist tag worn by the resident communicates with the Base Unit which forwards the data to the cloud software. The Tag can trigger an emergency call from the Base Unit to a predefined number. The Base Unit can also be used as a two-way communication device. When paired with the dedicated Mobile App, the resident can be monitored and trigger emergency calls even when not in range of the Base Unit. The resident´s GPS location is sent via the mobile app to the Cloud Monitoring Software.


Staff Safety and Workflow Solution Features 


  • Indoor and outdoor coverage (via mobile app).

  • IP-68 rated tags (water and dust resistant)

  • Long lasting Tag battery – up to 4 years.

  • Cloud base software platform for central monitoring 24/7.

  • Multiple communication options: Land-line, Cellular, Wi-Fi.

  • Periodic self-test mechanism to ensure full system functionality.






The Companion Wander Detection Solution was designed to improve patient safety by utilizing the location and tracking capabilities of SuperCom´s Real Time Location System. With the Cloud Monitoring Software, users can set predefined rules and geo-fences in order to receive automatic alerts if a patient has wandered or is in danger. SuperCom´s wrist tag has a slim watch-like design which is comfortable to wear even while taking a shower or swimming. This allows non-intrusive tracking of patients or residents in order to ensure their safety. The Companion reader and Tag set is also available as a stand-alone product that does comes preconfigured and does not require any software.

Solution Benefits 

  • Instantly search for any patient across the facility to find wandering patients.

  • Receive real-time alerts when a patient enters a restricted area or leaves the premises in order to protect them from eloping to unwanted areas and to prevent fall risks.

  • Improve patient care by monitoring patient wait times, bottle necks, and patient-staff contact times by generating reports and statistics on patient locations.

  • Trigger audio/visual alarms when patients come close to an unwanted area.

  • Identify patients or staff members that may have come in contact with an infected patient and may be at risk, by generating a dedicated report or viewing a BI dashboard. 


How It Works 

Each patient is assigned a tag in the Software´s Admit Screen. The Tags transmit a periodic message which is used by the system to monitor the patient. Using the software, wandering patients can be instantly located on a map and the location status of all patients can be viewed at a glance. In addition, SuperCom Readers can be mounted at predefined exits or chokepoints and instantly alert when a patient is at an unwanted location. The system can trigger an audio/visual alarm and/or automatically send an email or SMS.

staff safety


The Staff Safety Solution leverages SuperCom´s Real Time Location System to protect and assist healthcare staff members in emergency situations. A staff member wearing a Tag can automatically signal a distress call by pressing a call button on the tag. The distress call is immediately forwarded to SuperCom´s Monitoring Software Application which in turn can trigger a variety of actions. For example a silent alarm can be sent via SMS or email to a predefined address or an audio/visual alarm can be activated at specific locations. The location capabilities of SuperCom´s system enable it to identify which room the call came from. This can be used to indicate to response teams the exact location of the distress call. The system also has the ability to track staff - patient interactions and provide analysis on potential infection risks as well as staff utilization.


Solution Benefits 

  • Staff members can trigger silent alarms in the event of an attack or other emergency by pressing the tag call button. 

  • Event locations are immediately forwarded to the Supercom Monitoring System with the exact room location.

  • Automatically log the patients that a staff member has come in contact with to identify potential infection risks.

  • Trigger audio/visual alarms at defined locations upon an emergency call button press.

  • Quickly search for a specific staff member or find the nearest nurse or doctor in the event of an emergency.

  • ​​Analyze workflows to reduce staff walking distance during shifts and improve efficiency.

SuperCom Healthcare Solution Set 

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