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Criminal Justice Services by 

LCA has been an industry leader for over 25 years, keeping pace with industry needs, staying ahead of technology advancements, and ultimately setting the industry standard for successful electronic monitoring and community-based programs.

Full Service Electronic Monitoring

GPS Monitoring – 24/7 location tracking, with inclusion and exclusion zone monitoring.
Home Detention – Compliance with curfew and house arrest orders.

Individualized Case Management

Effective individualized programming, with frequent follow-up and reporting, providing the tools to help clients change their behavior while maintaining public safety.

Evidence-Based Treatment Programs
Individualized, strength-based treatment using evidence-based curriculum to help reentry clients achieve positive change and successful community integration.

Juvenile & Adult Day Reporting Centers
Assessment, treatment, training, and individualized services to assist clients with a smooth and successful transition back into their communities.

Employment Services
Employment training, job placement, and job development, to help reduce recidivism by assisting clients in finding and maintaining sustainable employment specifically suited to their interest and capabilities

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