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Global provider of autonomous Wi-Fi networks that deliver constantly optimized performance.

We design solutions for Carrier Wi-Fi, Enterprise Connectivity, Smart City, Smart Hospitality, Connected Campuses and Connected Events that are both complete and heterogeneous to ensure ease of use and optimize operational efficiency.

Our solutions are deployed at over 25,000 sites in more than 95 countries to enhance productivity and support progress.




The Avidity WBSac product series is a high-performance 802.11ac and 802.11abgn indoor and outdoor access point series, enables mobile operators, business and enterprises to deliver high capacity & high quality Wi-Fi solutions.

  • Multiple radios provide concurrent 802.11a/n/ac and 802.11b/g/n connections

  • Up to 1300 Mbps combined data rate

  • Dual concurrent MIMO, Dual-polarized antennas

  • Self-configuring, plug-and-play deployment

  • Smart MESH supported

Wi-Fi equipment



WBSn enables mobile operators, governments and enterprises to deliver high-quality Wi-Fi solutions in metro and rural areas, with significantly fewer bases stations, and much lower costs.


  • Carrier-grade IP-68, designed to provide a high standard of reliability, quality of service, security and manageability

  • Gigabit outdoor Wi-Fi support up to 450 Mbps, (per band) 900 Mbps for both bands, and maximum aggregated capacity of up to one Gigabit per unit

  • Built in Access Controller, for flexible service planning

  • Self-configuring, plug-and-play deployment


BreezeULTRA™ P6000


To meet the challenges of today’s hyper-dynamic world, Alvarion brings the BreezeULTRA family,
the highest capacity product in wireless broadband PtP license-exempt market.
BreezeULTRA offers a bold combination of capacity, performance, organic growth and ease of
use capabilities.


  • Optimized for high capacity applications

  • Available in the Licensed Exempt frequencies: 5.1-5.9 GHz

  • High Performance - supporting up to 500 Mbps net throughpu and distances of up to 50km / 32 miles (w/high-gain antenna)

  • Dynamic up-link /down-link bandwidth allocation

  • Optimized performance of voice, video and data using four priorities of service

  • Optimized interference mitigation and NLOS performance

  • Ease of ordering, installation and configuration

סופקום וויפי

Arena controller


Arena controller is an essential element for constructing large scale carrier Wi-Fi
networks for hotspot/hotzones and cellular offloading services


  • Cost effective and scalable network architecture with centralized control plane and distributed

  • data plane

  • Supporting up to 5000 AP’s and 50,000 users per controller

  • Control and manage AP and backhaul radio, including statistic and reporting

  • Automatic AP units detection, configuration and firmware distribution

  • Secured control layer management

  • Hotspots/Hotzones and cellular offloading services

  • Providing a single peer to the A A A

Alvarion Wi-fi

BreezeNET® B


A comprehensive and highly-proficient portfolio of wireless point-to-point solutions that offers long range and high-capacity support for high bandwidth applications.
Provides efficient, reliable and secure communications for voice and real-time applications including building-to building connectivity and backhaul services.


  • High capacity, point-to-point, robust outdoor wireless solution

  • Flexible rate capacity options: B10, B14, B28, B100 reaching up to 100 Mbps gross

  • Long reach: over 60 km

  • Optimized uplink/downlink configuration to support different business applications such as public safety and video surveillance

  • Robust performance in Non-Line-of-Sight (NLOS) environments

  • Simple deployment, management and maintenance

Alvarion Wi-Fi
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