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Rising fuel costs, identifying drivers, and tracking cargo are only a few of the challenges facing the transportation industry. SuperCom can help you find solutions for connecting drivers to specific vehicles or connecting pilots with specific aircrafts, monitoring fuel usage for all types of fleet vehicles and reducing theft and vandalism in parking garages. Transportation management involves more than just getting from place to place. SuperCom builds reliable end-to-end security solutions in transportation.

  • Register and credential production and warehouse staff with Raptor - in the main office or at the branches.
  • Secure entrances and exits during emergencies or disasters with Raptor.
  • Long-Range RFID allows you to monitor temperature or humidity in warehouses, labs, refrigerators and freezers.
  • Control access to parking garages, parking lots, or special parking zones with Compass and MASC.
  • Identify and track shipment of hazardous chemicals with Long-Range RFID.

The SuperCom product offerings are robust, flexible, and feature-rich PSIM RFID tools that provide security and facility management system professionals with the ability to deploy powerful, fully-customized, and user friendly PSIM RFID applications in a wide range of application environments.

SuperCom offers a complete tracking and monitoring solution for cargo containers via a secure and reliable locking mechanism. The PureLock system monitors all activity and provides real-time alerts when the lock has been breached. 
The system allows easy configuration of customized location or schedule based rules using the PureMonitor™ web-based monitoring application.

Using SuperCom’s advanced RFID technology, the lock owner can rest assured that any and all tamper attempts will be recorded and alerted immediately.

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