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Safend Data Protection Suite protects organizations from data leakage and theft with a single software product, providing granular port and device control, transparent hard disk encryption, comprehensive removable media encryption and accurate content control. It provides complete protection of sensitive data-in-use, data-at-rest and data-in-motion,
without sacrificing productivity.


Reliable encryption

Laptops are easy to lose or steal. With Encryptor, any sensitive data on them (or on your desktops, for that matter) can’t be read by the wrong people.

So a lost laptop is just a lost laptop-not a news story.

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סופקום סייבר


 Port & Device control

Protector is the industry’s most comprehensive, secure and easy-to-use endpoint data protection and data leakage prevention solution – controlling every endpoint and every device, over every interface.


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Data loss prevention

Inspector enforces a data-centric security policy across multiple channels in the organization, including email, web, FTP, external storage devices, CD/DVD burners, smart phones, file repositories, print screen, local printers, and network printers,


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Security compliance

Reporter identifies common security breaches - and gives you the analysis you need to make sense of them. It also makes compliance as easy as sending an email or clicking “print”.

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Connections control

Running over the computers on your network, the clientless Auditor pinpoints all usage of USB, FireWire, PCMCIA, PCI, internal storage and WiFi connections in exportable reports.


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Data localization & classification

Discoverer offers the insight to build and implement company wide data security policies. After classifying company data using rules-based keywords and pattern recognition technologies, Discoverer scans, maps, alerts and reports on data at rest breaches.


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