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PureSecurity™ - Pure plus Services

SuperCom's PureSecurity Suite provides advanced electronic monitoring solutions and services to criminal justice agencies.
This suite, combining SuperCom's EM platform with LCA's EM programs and community-based services, allows for efficient operations, outstanding compliance and highly successful outcomes.

SuperCom's solutions are built on decades of experience implementing RFID solutions and large-scale government projects. The EM platform allows for easy, gradual and flexible implementation, meeting the challenges of any agency or private operator.


LCA has been an industry leader for over 24 years, keeping pace with industry needs, staying ahead
of technology advancements, and ultimately setting the industry standard for successful electronic
monitoring and community-based programs.

Electronic Monitoring Solutions

  • PureTrack, the ultimate GPS enrollee tracking platform

  • PureCom for house arrest

  • PureTag a compact, elegant RF bracelet

  • PureProtect, a smarphone app for victim protection

  • PureMonitor, SuperCom's cloud-based software designed to deliver the information

  • Full Service Electronic Monitoring

  • Individualized Case Management

  • Employment Services

  • Evidence-Based Treatment Programs

  • Juvenile & Adult Day Reporting Centers

סופרקום מעקב אחר אסירים


PureTrack leverages smartphone technology to provide the ultimate GPS enrollee tracking platform.


  • GPS, cell tower and Wi-Fi location tracking

  • RF teethering via Bluetooth

  • Supports GSM, CDMA and Wi-Fi communications

  • Calendar management

  • Persistent offender term notifications and reminders

  • Smartphone voice, text, email, video communications

  • Portable breath-alcohol integration

  • Bio-identification - facial recognition, fingerprint, voice

סופרקום GPS


The PureCom RF base station brings new features and functionalities

to your house arrest programs.


  • Smart LCD screen

  • Fingerprint ID verification

  • 2 way communications via text and voice

  • Cell, landline, Wi-Fi, Ethernet

  • Streamlined field installation

  • 72-hour battery backup

  • Dual SIM for broader coverage

  • Onboard GPS tracking

  • Supports up to 50 PureTag RF bracelets



PureTag is a highly secure compact RF bracelet that operates across the complete spectrum of the PureSecurity Suite.


  • Encrypted RF signal

  • Bluetooth support

  • Easy installation

  • Hypoallergenic, comfortable curved design

  • 4 year battery life

  • Disposable and adjustable strap

  • Strap, case and motion tamper detection

  • Sound and vibration indications

  • Lightweight - 1 oz.



The PureBeacon is a secure RF device designed to provide indoor surveillance of offenders when GPS is not suitable.


  • 4 years battery life - no charging required

  • Encrypted RF protocol

  • Bluetooth support

  • Proximity and case tamper detection

  • Expand range via mesh network

  • Lightweight - 0.6 oz.

סופרקום אזיק אלקטרוני


PureProtect is a smartphone app for victims that identifies and alerts of proximity violations without breaching the victim's privacy. Additionally, the app identifies offender movement and behavior patterns in order to prevent attacks.


  • Supports both Android and iOS phones

  • Can alert on GPS, Cell Tower, and RF proximity

  • Alerts can be set up for predefined distances

  • Shows direction of offender travel

  • Alert can be sent to local authorities if distance is violated

  • GPS shielding and jamming detection

  • Application provides avoidance plan

  • Communication mechanism for assistance - speech or text (silent assist)

  • Password protected

סופרקום אפליקציה


PureMonitor is SuperCom’s cloud-based software designed to deliver the information you need when and where you need it. Quickly navigate through the intuitive interface to set schedules, generate reports, review tracking information and run your program efficiently and effectively. 


  • Fast and highly secure, designed for public safety performance

  • Advanced tracking capabilities and smart routes

  • Integrated monitoring center

  • Optimized mobile interface

  • Flexible reporting and analytics

  • Unparalleled integration and customization ability

  • Browser agnostic

Criminal Justice Services by 

Full Service Electronic Monitoring

GPS Monitoring – 24/7 location tracking, with inclusion and exclusion zone monitoring.
Home Detention – Compliance with curfew and house arrest orders.

Individualized Case Management

Effective individualized programming, with frequent follow-up and reporting, providing the tools to help clients change their behavior while maintaining public safety.

Evidence-Based Treatment Programs
Individualized, strength-based treatment using evidence-based curriculum to help reentry clients achieve positive change and successful community integration.

Juvenile & Adult Day Reporting Centers
Assessment, treatment, training, and individualized services to assist clients with a smooth and successful transition back into their communities.

Employment Services
Employment training, job placement, and job development, to help reduce recidivism by assisting clients in finding and maintaining sustainable employment specifically suited to their interest and capabilities

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