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SafeMobile a unique comprehensive platform providing a safe, trusted and highly secured cyber solution for the mobile application developer and for existing mobile applications.

Creating trust, moving one step ahead


Mobile SDK

Highly secured with self-defending code, SafeMobile SDK  provides critical security services for top layer developed applications.

Obfuscated and hacker-proof with advanced anti-reverse engineering technologies, the SDK arrives with white box crypto capabilities built to protect keys and safely manage sensitive data.  

The SafeMobile SDK is designed for integration with the protected application and safeguards during authentication, device registration, session management, keep alive, secure storage and other built-in security features.   

StarGate - Mobile Cyber Gateway (MCG)  

Acting as a secured single point of entry, StarGate also enables single sign in to all apps on the end-user’s mobile device. StarGate checks device sessions, continuous mobile client security validity and monitors and identifies hacking attempts.  

A strong protective edge, the StarGate safeguards backend mobile servers and the authentication of the integrity of each mobile user and their devices. 



The Registrar server validates and holds device sessions and user identities. It also authenticates client requests with third party authentication mechanisms and maintains a user repository.

The Registrar also provides authenticated account to machine profiling and enables enhanced monitoring and reporting of devices and user activity of the entire SafeMobile platform.

Cyber CA - Certification Authorization


The SafeMobile high-performance Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) supports device enrollment, certification and personalization together with application code authorization. SafeMobile was built on a highly secured structure featuring white-box crypto in the server’s core foundation.

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