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SuperCom's ∑ID™ (Sigma-ID) division functions as a system integrator and technology provider active in the national ID and e-Government industry, for more than 25 years.


Working exclusively with governments and the public sector, SuperCom's ∑ID™ is an internationally recognized leader in the design, development, integration and delivery of highly secured national ID and e-Government solutions.

Delivered by ∑ID™, and a secure operational backbone, the Magna™ software platform has a modular and layered architecture based on a core registry that interfaces with services used for many solutions.


סופרקום ביומטרי

Electronic Passports & Biometric Visas


An Electronic Passport (e-Passport) is a machine-readable passport with an embedded micro-chip and antenna, and includes embedded biometric features. It has become increasingly prevalent in recent years. Over 100 countries have already issued e-Passports, half of them using biometric features, such as face and fingerprints, and additional countries intend to do the same in coming years.

A biometric visa is a machine-readable visa that includes embedded biometric features. Many countries have already embarked on biometric visa projects.

e-Government Solutions


∑ID™ for e-Government harmonizes the data and processes among government offices. 

It upgrades governmental services, introduces scalable solutions and reduces the time required for system implementation. ∑ID™ easily provides online services to governments. 

It enables external agencies such as other government ministries, banks, insurance companies to retrieve online information from the government (and even pay for it – allowing the government another source of income).


∑ID™ enables individuals to interact online with the government. 

The system can answer queries, provide application forms for various processes, receive payments (taxes, fees) - thus dramatically improving the government services to the citizens, saving time and aggravation.

סופרקום תעודות זהות חכמות

National eIDs/IDs


National ID programs launched by governments are intended to be the first step towards addressing the subject of identification for citizens and aliens. They provide protection from undesirable persons such as terrorists and criminals, which can be easily identified. SuperCom's ∑ID™ solution enhances national security, decreases government waste, and is a basic tool for prevention of crimes in general and identity theft specifically.


SuperCom's ∑ID™ solution is based on its innovative and universal ∑ID™ technological platform, which is easily adapted to various customer's requirements and fully complies with international standards. 

Driving / Vehicle Licenses


Governments are looking for an effective way to improve road safety while fighting against the rise in identity fraud. Improved services to citizens and reducing operational costs have become a major concern for many countries.


SuperCom's ∑ID™ provides a core solution to meet these challenges which manage driving licenses and vehicle permits. The solution is customized to meet the customer's local legislation requirement. SuperCom's system eliminates fraudulent licenses and enhances law enforcement. It significantly improves revenue collection and accountability. Our ∑ID™ IT platform creates reliable driver's and vehicle's databases for monitoring compliance to the law. The new system allows efficient enforcement and reduces the number of accidents!

סופרקום בחירות דיגיטליות
driving licenses

Voters & Elections


Running over the Magna eID platform SuperCom Elections Management (EMS) has a different take on verified voting. Building and managing a nationwide voter registry, EMS automatically splits population density demarcation into balanced GIS geo-location layers with dedicated polling stations. Assigning voters to specific polls, EMS issues ticketed polling cards and displays and handles voters lists in an interactive Elections web portal. 


Coming Elections day, EMS provides immediate person authentication using a SuperCom MIV1 handheld device as it simultaneously updates the voters registry. Keeping the country in the electoral loop, EMS provides continual reports on the day’s happenings at the different polling stations. Breakdown of post-elections reports and statistics offers all that is needed for proven transparent and verified voting results. 


The products are protected by one or more of the following patents and patent applications:

US 7,243,840, US 7,905,415, UK 1791655, DE 1791655, FR 1791655, EP 1029305, EP 0820383



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