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Secured, effective and scalable end-to-end mobile payment solutions and services for simple digital money anywhere, anytime on any device

Introducing the SuperPay apps, a new technology in the mobile-payment market. Providing mobile-payment

services on any device, SuperPay brings a new level of secured cross-network mobile payment transactions.

SuperPay Suite

  • SuperWallet app providing secured financial services on any mobile device

  • SuperPOS for secured and audio authenticated Point of Sales payments

  • SafeMoney safeguarding against device and network-based threat

  • SuperGW a fully customized payments processing platform

  • PayGuard for effective one click payments


Simple, Powerful, Accessible

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Considering the unbanked population, SuperPay can be used for depositing, withdrawing transferring funds and paying for goods and bills on any mobile device.

As a flexible end-to-end mobile payments solution, the SuperPay suite is a secure and customizable answer for governments, MNO, banks and retailers.

סופרקום ארנק דיגיטלי


Bringing a new level of security to e-wallet technology, SuperWallet provides secured cross-network payments on any mobile device anywhere. 
Available as a standalone product or part of the SuperPay solution, SuperWallet offers a wide range of secure mobile financial services that are authenticated and exchanged via multiple remote and proximity channels. 
SuperWallet services include deposits, withdrawals, money transfers, payments for bills or goods, top up and remittance. Providing secured person to person monetary transactions, SuperWallet also answers many of the unbanked population's needs.   


Providing the means for merchants to safely sell and accept payments anywhere on any smart device, SuperPOS opens the door for new and increased business opportunities. Designed as a secured cashless cross-network mobile to mobile payments endorsement solution, SuperPOS is a better channel for paying for services, goods and bills. Promoting user satisfaction and leading to higher sales, SuperPOS supports and streamlines many business procedures such as improving usability of a products catalog or processing customer information. As a versatile solution, SuperPOS processes and secures payments using technologies such as NFC using HCE, biometric authentication, one time passwords and timing and the SafeMoney platform.
סופרקום אבטחת מידע


Acting as the absolute and first protective layer, safeguarding payment assets on mobile devices, SafeMoney offers a secured payments transactions channel directly to the payments processor. 
Either part of the SuperWallet solution or easily integrated as an addition to any mobile wallet, SafeMoney identifies and alerts on network security breaches and a device's suspicious behavior. 
SafeMoney works on any platform and over any network and can be customized to match all electronic wallet security requirements. 


SuperGateway, a fully customized white-label electronic payments processing platform, is the heart of the SuperPay end-to-end solution. 
SuperGateway enables quick acceptance of different payment methods from e-wallets and money transfer systems via financial institutes to credit cards and micro-payments. 
SuperGateway arrives with tools built for obtaining analytical and detailed information on any aspect of the entire payments process, from first level support to top management, including the payment method used and the payer's data. 
SuperGateway is available either as a standalone product or as part of the SuperPay suite. Easily integrated to external services such as anti-fraud or CRM systems, SuperGW has strong monitoring, reconciliation and discrepancies alerting tools.   


Introducing a new mobile payments concept and providing the means for simple and secured internet shopping, PayGuard combines one click payments technology with multi-level authentication using any mobile device. 
As a standalone product or an integral part of the SuperPay suite, PayGuard offers the safest payment method for any site on any internet browser. 
PayGuard makes shopping simple and keeps buyer information private. Requests for payment approvals are initiated by a buyer placing their mobile phone on the Pay by SuperPay option on the vendor's online billing form. Once a request is authorized, the billing form is automatically filled with the buyer's customizable and secured details pulled straight from the SuperPay server. Clicking Go Pay quickly closes the deal.
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